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This is payment for your non-refundable deposit to the Luminous Void Tarot Path 2018-2019 course.

What is the Luminous Void Tarot Path?

The Luminous Void Tarot path is a ten-month course and certification that will deepen your solo Tarot practice, prepare you to start offering readings for others and expand and ground your spiritual practice.

The Tarot is an ancient book of poetry and art, mapping our consciousness, revealing the secrets of human behavior and conditioning. When used ethically the Tarot is an artful healing tool that deepens access to the stories that place us in the world, connects us to our psychology and how it operates with in our cultures and invites us to have a dialogue with the invisible realms and our intuition. This unique and expansive ten month course on the Tarot will slowly and methodically open you to the meaning of the 78 archetypes found in the Tarot, connect you to universal archetypes that relate to each Tarot suit, introduce you to numerous Tarot spreads, help develop a meditation practice, connect you with daily rituals to enhance your solo practice, give you concrete methods to open to your intuition and encourage you creatively through art, community and celebration. This ten-month course is designed to deepen a beginner and intermediate Tarot practitioner as well as those of you wishing to move towards a professional reading practice.